Story Time

fotograf-jeims-epplton-2This is my world. Its also every other creature that disobeyes, world. Its not like your world. When I said craeture I mean creature.We dont have the luxuries of heat, homes, family, liquid water, and very few foods. I was only around my family for three years. I remember every second of those three years. Let me tell you, things are way different here. There is no such thing as daytime here. There is also no way to get real food. All I eat is rocks. Now I know that sounds gross but have you ever eatin a rock, Its acually not that bad. If I want water I just have to eat the ice. Intill one day.

It was March 14, 5006, I woke up to sunshine and these strange people looking at me. It was so……

( I’ve started this story for you, now you come end it. If you are confused on anything commet, i’ll try my best to explian. I’m ready to readyour endings! Picture from here. )