imagesHas anyone played the amazing board game Clue? I have and I love it. If you haven’t ever played it I suggest you get off your electronic and play it. Its a murder mystery game but its not scary. Or maybe it is. No I’m kidding its fun. So now I’m going to tell you the history of Clue.

To start off clue was first made in England in 1949. Anthony E. Pratt is the one who thought of this wonderful game. It was originally named Murder and was used for entertainment in air raid drills in underground bunkers. Anthony actually thought of this idea during world war 2.

Anthony sadly passed away in 1994. A day before his 91st birthday. Lets honor Anthony buy buying this game. Especially if you haven’t ever played it.  Clue is actually only called clue in the US. In the UK you may know it as Cludo. Which is a mix between clue and ludo( I’ll play).

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Three Favorites

imagesThis post is about three of my favorite things. My favorite color, my favorite shape, my favorite state. First I’m going to do my favorite color. It’s teal. It’s the perfect match between blue and green. I absolutely love teal. But if I cant pick teal, I pick blue.

My favorite shape is a heart. I don’t know why. Every time I get a paper and told to draw something I draw a heart. Also when I go to the store I always look at the clothes with hearts on them. It’s like an obsesion. <3 <3

My favorite state is Tennesse. I’m not even sure why. I went there with family and friends for vacation one year and I loved it. I think I’m even going again this year.

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squirrel_tIn class we are doing a new thing called #WritingWednesdays. Mrs.ccc picked a picture and we had to write a story with a positive or nagitive connotation. Here is my story. See if you can guess which one. The picture above is the picture we used. Picture from:

The youthful squirrels carefree friends detected this beautiful purse in the tree. His friends requested that he showed off this beautiful outfit. When he looked in the purse he saw this bottle of some kind of fragrance. He sprayed it all over himself. He was going to go gather a bunch of unique girls and request them to go out with him. When he walked down the trees everyone was so curious about him. They observed his slim cute little body. By the end of the day he persuaded three different girls to come back to his tree with him and his friends.

Daughters and Sons day

download (3)If I made a national holiday, it would be a day to celebrate your kids. We already have Mothers day, Fathers day, Grandparents day. So why don’t we make a Daughters and Sons day. On this day schools would be closed. Parents would do even more for their kids on this day than they normally would. Every thing else would be just like Mothers or Fathers day.

If me and all of you fight together we may just make this happen. You need to tell all of your friends. It will be August 11. Tell everyone you know. Together we can make this a real holiday. Image from:

Story Time

fotograf-jeims-epplton-2This is my world. Its also every other creature that disobeyes, world. Its not like your world. When I said craeture I mean creature.We dont have the luxuries of heat, homes, family, liquid water, and very few foods. I was only around my family for three years. I remember every second of those three years. Let me tell you, things are way different here. There is no such thing as daytime here. There is also no way to get real food. All I eat is rocks. Now I know that sounds gross but have you ever eatin a rock, Its acually not that bad. If I want water I just have to eat the ice. Intill one day.

It was March 14, 5006, I woke up to sunshine and these strange people looking at me. It was so……

( I’ve started this story for you, now you come end it. If you are confused on anything commet, i’ll try my best to explian. I’m ready to readyour endings! Picture from here. )


About Bryce

wordle 2 In class we did about me post. We did a little spin on it though. We picked names out of a bag. Whoever we picked we had to do a about me post, but about them. I did mine on Bryce. Click on his link above to check out his blog. I used Wordle to create a word cloud.


Hello Again

Hello guys, I know its been awhile since I have posted anything. But I promise I will start posting again. The 2015 student blogging challenge has started up again so I will be doing a lot of post with them. I’m exited to start bogging again and I hope you are too.

By the way my school, McDowell Middle School is in NBC’s help make a difference grant contest. It would give me and the other 7th through 8th graders kindles to read books on. I would love it if you would vote for me! NBC help make a difference.


Today and yesterday my mom and I did an audit for my blog. The audit from me was about like how may post I wrote, how many comments they got and who from, it was also about post and widgets. The audit from my mom is about the things that caught there attention and what they liked. If you are wondering these things I’m going to tell you.

 Since the begginign of September 2014, I have wrote 17 blog post. All of them have been from the blogging challange. I know thtas ot very many. 🙁

I hve also had 14 comments and those are not counting what I did! 6 of them have been from my fellow classmates, 3 from teachers, and 5 from over seas students.

My favorite post to write was the one where we made a slide show about me. I liked it becuase I was albe to ecpress my self in my own way. Also you could acually see what im talking about  not just read it.

I also need to talk about my widgets I have 8. I think that is to many the way my blog is set up, becuase you have to scroll really far down to see them all

Now that I’m finnaly finished with my part of this audit its time for me to tell you  a few things about my moms part. One of the things she said was that my sparkly things distracted her and that my blog was good. she also said that i should have picked a different jigsaw puzzle picture. Thats it for now bye bye!

Being Cruel Isn’t cool


Demand City Take Animal Abuse Seriouslydownload (9)

Do you abuse your animals? Well if you do stop because they have feelings just like humans. Some people think that animals don’t have feelings, so it doesn’t hurt them. It does. They feel things just like we do!

What is animal abuse? Animal abuse is where someone hurts  an animal for no reason. Sometimes they do it for entertainment and some people do it because they have emotional problems.(Information from:

Did you know that each year , thousands of young and healthy Greyhounds are killed because they don’t have any more energy to race or have been injured while racing and are not able to race any more. (info from: Also there are these roosters that are suppose to fight. People train them to attack another chicken until one dies just for entertainment. That is so horrible. Its like taking your brother and sister somewhere and letting them fight until one dies.

Also over 100 million animals mice, rats, dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, birds, and others are killed so they can be tested on.  Like for a new chemical treatment that makes your face nice and soft. They will test it  on the animals. It could burn their skin or really hurt or something. (last two facts from:

 Mrs. caudill said “ if you go on a date and your boyfriend/girlfriend’s dog comes to greet you and she or he hits it or kicks it turn around and walk away. If he or she would hurt their animal they will hurt you.”

If you agree with me that no one should abuse animals and you feel bad for the animals go here to donate. Give the animals a non abusive home here.

 Animal abuse is so sad. It needs to stop. Every Time one of those commercials come on to help stop animal abuse I almost cry. I have to cover my eyes and ears to not cry. I really think that people that abuse animal need to go as far as they can go to get away from me and any animals. Then they need  locked  in a dark dark cellar ( so they can’t see to fight back) and get what they deserve, as in anything they did to that poor animal for whatever reason.I want you to remember these three things. BEING CRUEL ISN’T COOL!  VIOLENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER!!!  STOP ANIMAL ABUSE NOW!!!! Pictures from :,,

Count Three

First on my count three I went to isabelle’s blog, then I went to Dahlia’s blog finally I went to katie’s blog. On my second count three I decided to start at Felix’s blog, from there I went to Anatasia’s blog, finally  I went to emma’s blog. On my final count three I started at angus’ blog , then I went to Maddie’s blog , finally I went to kailee’s blog .

I really liked every blog I went to, so you need to put your reading glasses on and go visit all of these wonderful blogs. Maybe you will do your own count three starting from one of these blogs or even mine. Anyways go read some post on these wonderful blogs.